How to quit without problems 0

How to quit without problems

★★★ Every man at least once in my life had to change jobs. Someone leaves is easy and simple. And for others, dismissal is a real stress. And one of the questions that people who find themselves facing the need to change jobs that is how to quit without problems. Exactly what the guide will prevent them from leaving, many people stop. Meanwhile, the Labour code of the Russian Federation provides for the procedure of dismissal at own will. That's it, and should adhere to.

How to get fired for absenteeism 0

How to get fired for absenteeism

★★★ If you are the boss, surely you sometimes not so easy to find a common language with all your employees. And it so happens that among these subordinates is some very careless – he was skipping work without good reason, fails to fulfill its obligations. You decided to dismiss such an employee, but I'm afraid of all kinds of pitfalls?